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Web Bites: Wild edible pesto with Marc Williams from Mountain Xpress on Vimeo.

In this mouth-watering video, ethnobotanist and educator Marc Williams walks us through the pesto making process in this easy to follow formula for wild edible deliciousness. Marc refers to the late botanist and teacher Frank Cook when describing pesto as a genre, “an open flexible format”, nothing to be too exact about.

Most of us are surrounded by edible and medicinal plants that would make for a delicious addition to any pesto recipe; Dandelion, Plantain, Chickweed, Ramps, Garlic Mustard, Violet, Lamb’s Quarters, Wild Carrot, Yellow Dock, + Purslane, these are just some of the many abundantly growing green things that can easily be harvested and incorporated into a flavorful pesto. Really, any kind of green that you can be eaten raw would be suffice, along with any kind of seed or nut {you don’t have to limit yourself to just pine nuts, we used sunflower seeds in a recent batch and it turned out great!}, cheese and/or miso, olive oil, and garlic. The proportions are open to interpretation according to each person’s pallet and preference. Marc suggests to “use what’s available and use what moves you.” Once your batch is complete, feel free to add some kind of garnish, perhaps a vibrant edible flowers or “botanical bling”, as Marc likes to call it.

This video had us salivating, and it’s quite inspiring to know that on any given day, with a bit of knowledge of what’s in season and what’s edible, that you can connect with your ecology in such nourishing and delectable ways.

Marc Williams is interested in the interface between people and plants, is the executive director of Plants and Healers International, and is a perennial teacher here at Ashevillage. All of our programs, from Food As Medicine to Permaculture to Resilient Living, incorporate hands-on exploration and discovery of wild foods, grow-your-own, fermentation, homemade medicine and delicious, nutritious meals from the garden. 

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