Sometimes the word ‘community‘, or even the word ‘we‘ can be confusing & leaves room for interpretation. That said, Ashevillage Sanctuary is home to roughly 12 residents + 2 managers + 5 seasonal worktraders + a few ‘glampers’ + a practitioner space for healing artists + a hub for local events + a host for quarterly retreats. Our scene is mostly made up of cis women, although we are gender inclusive & love our queer, trans & two-spirit kin. We are racially, sexually & age diverse. Note: In 2017, we shifted from running a guest house & eco-institute to a much simpler operating model (phew, less to manage is a good thing!). We are serving in new ways now, focusing on other aspects of our lives. We don’t try to overly coordinate ourselves here, although we aim to share dinners twice a month, one-on-one hang outs & hot tub rendezvous. Our extended local community comes together for the weekly Moonday Series.

Asheville & the surrounding area is abundant with people, projects & initiatives that make up our burgeoning mountain town. We are uplifted by our extended community here in these mountains & around the world. Those of you who are showing up, grounding your visions, staying on path & listening closely for how to create the more beautiful world that your heart knows is possible. We stand with you! We also recognize the land, rivers, mountains, trees & other living beings of this bioregion as our greater community. We stand together with all the beings, seen & unseen, who make up this web of resilience that we call home.

We honor those who have come before us. The ancestors & descendants of this land who reside in Cherokee & the surrounding area. We know that this land was stolen & that you, your ancestors & their tears make up the roots & reaches of this place. We acknowledge the long history of slavery that built this area up & the need for reparations that have not yet been met. We see the segregation that still exists in Asheville, as well as the dwindling diversity of our (increasingly gentrified) neighborhood.

To all walks of this myriad community, for which we are blessed to be a part of. Thank you, amen, asé, aho!