Ashevillage Sanctuary, aka: the Goddess Sanctuary

Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC is a women-led, community-oriented, privately-owned, 1.3 acre residential permaculture site located a few blocks from downtown Asheville, NC. We demonstrate integrated ecological and living systems in our beautiful edible, medicinal and pollinator landscape. We grow and ferment food as medicine; capture and use rainwater; manage bee, compost and mushroom systems; make herbal products; run online and residential internship programs; house our management team; and host a variety of community events, gatherings, private retreats, and other services such as overnights and practitioner rooms.

Our mission and values center around creating the world we want to live in by putting our beliefs into practice in our own backyard, working with regenerative systems and living skills, exploring the divine feminine/masculine spectrum and all manners of authentic, intimate and sensual living while contributing toward the creation of a more resilient world. Interests revolve around healing and ceremonial arts; evolution of our humanity in relationship with Gaia; authentic relating, intimacy, eros; permaculture, resilient living, food as medicine; social and eco justice; and more.

This position begins as soon as possible. This posting will be removed when the position is filled.

“We believe in creating the world we want to live in by putting our beliefs into practice in our backyard” ~ from the Sanctuary’s mission statement

Position Overview

[This is a part-time, unpaid, live-in, work-trade position] We are calling in a Site & Garden Manager for Ashevillage Sanctuary, aka: the Goddess Sanctuary. You will live on site and be part of our core management team. We are hiring a part-time, work-trade Garden & Site Manager to maintain and develop edible landscapes and ecologically sustainable homestead systems, including organic food gardens, irrigation and ponds, apiary, compost, mushrooms, etc. The Garden & Site Manager is responsible for maintenance of the site, including ongoing property beautification, structural and landscape repairs, material organization, resource acquisition, and more. You will train and oversee a crew of residential interns, as well as an assistant manager. You also (ideally) have basic fix-it carpentry skills. Other responsibilities may include leading site tours, basic gardening and homesteading classes, selling garden and herbal products, and more. You will work an average of 20 hours per week, Monday thru Friday.

“Part of the magic of the Sanctuary is all the extraordinary people who work, volunteer, and pass through this community hub. What an inspiring place!” ~ M.A., advisory council

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Ecological systems: Oversee and refine property systems to ensure that they are operating efficiently, ie: edible, medicinal, pollinator, irrigation, ponds, compost, apiary, woodland, mushroom, etc
  • Gardens: Manage annual and perennial gardens; plant, prune, harvest; make the site productive and beautiful; process the harvest for medicine, food, and more
  • Beautification: Work under our director’s aesthetic vision; upkeep gardens in a neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing, productive and educational fashion
  • Maintenance: Upkeep all property functions; organize and care for tools; acquire and organize materials; clear clutter from time to time; take on random tasks
  • Herbalism: Oversee our herbal product line; teach some classes (optional) or support other teachers; oversee product making, bottling, sales and outreach
  • Management: Train, manage and delegate to a crew of interns and volunteers; handle related admin tasks; work closely with staff
  • Storytelling: Photograph &/or blog about what happens on site for use in social media and other outreach (optional)
  • Teach: Lead tours and teach occasional classes to interns, participants and guests

“What do I not learn being here!? I am so enlivened and profoundly grateful for this place, the people who I connect with every single day, the spirit of the Sanctuary & the vision that’s behind all of it!” ~ Cory, residential intern 2016


  • You have experience and/or strong interest in systems thinking, resilient living, deep ecology, permaculture, food as medicine, community life, personal and cultural transformation, creating a just and thriving world, and more.
  • You have a strong background in plant knowledge, propagation, planting, cultivating, seed-saving, pruning, and extensive food, flower and herbal gardening experience.
  • You have a background in management, can oversee a wide variety of people with varied skills while creating an empowering and uplifting work environment.
  • You have conceived, created and managed a homestead, farm and/or whole garden systems, and have worked on the same site for at least two years, or more.
  • You have very strong communication skills, can interface effectively with a wide variety of people, recruit and oversee several interns at a time.
  • You are very resourceful with budget management, material acquisition, can assess effective and efficient ways to complete tasks.
  • You have a very refined eye for aesthetics, notice and refine finer details, and enjoy being meticulous.
  • You are able to prioritize and have strong organizational, double-tasking, and delegation skills.
  • You are flexible and comfortable working independently and as a team.
  • You are physically fit, able to lift 50 lbs, and work for hours on end.
  • You own a laptop, smart phone, can use google docs, etc.


• Be part of an incredibly dynamic place that is in service to the divine feminine through service, play & love
• Enjoy your own private space while sharing a kitchen, office, common living spaces, bathroom & hot tub
• Live a short walk to downtown Asheville with access to nature and an integrated work flow environment
• Increase your knowledge and experience in herbalism, gardening, site management & beautification
• Gain new skills through learning about women’s sexuality, ceremonial arts & more
• Work with an assistant manager + interns to help you maintain a balanced life
• Engage other personal passions or a part-time job with 4 weeks off per year
• Collaborate with a circle of supportive sisters in community
• Enjoy our organic garden goodies + herbal products
• Receive monthly body & energy work sessions
• Free utilities, wifi, laundry & more

You will
• Immerse yourself in your field of passion & put your skills to great use
• Connect with local to global networks of people doing powerful work
• Experience living at a dynamic women’s eco-urban homestead
• Collaborate with our network of experts, authors & teachers
• Develop a beautiful model site that inspires many others
• Help make it happen, aka: be the glue behind the scene
• Connect with people who care about our planet

“I wish all people could see this place and know it’s possible to live like this when you really put your heart into it. I want everyone I know to come here & experience it!” ~ Daniela, guest from Germany


Please copy, paste, and complete the survey below. Send it in an email, along with your letter of interest, resume, and two references. Send to Include in the subject line “Your Name + Site Manager.” In an effort to save our time and yours, please submit all required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Your full name, birth date, current address, email, phone number & skype.
  2. Have you managed a garden, farm &/or homestead? Please share more.
  3. Have you managed interns, volunteers or an assistant? Please share.
  4. Have you taught classes, workshops, events? Please share.
  5. What experiences & skills do you bring to this position?
  6. What do you see yourself offering to the Sanctuary?
  7. What are you hoping to get out of this position?
  8. Do you have any physical limitations that would impede your work?
  9. What are your 3-5 year personal & professional goals?
  10. Do you live in Asheville? For how long?
  11. When would you be able to start?
  12. How did you hear about us?
  13. Anything else to add?


Bekah Havrilla

Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC provides equal employment opportunities to all employees & applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.