Ashevillage Sanctuary, aka: the Goddess Sanctuary

We are located in downtown Asheville, NC at a unique 1.3 acre, women-led, community-oriented, eco-urban homesteading hub with extensive permaculture gardens, private residences, interns & management team. We also host to a variety of activities, community gatherings, and other services such as overnight and practitioner rooms. Our mission and values center around creating the world we want to live in by putting our beliefs into practice in our own backyard; working with regenerative systems and living skills; anchoring the divinely wild, fantastic feminine, the sacred masculine and all manners of authentic, intimate and sensual living here on earth while contributing toward the creation of a more resilient & just world.  Interests include healing and ceremonial arts; evolution of our humanity in relationship with Gaia; authentic relating, intimacy, eros, sexual healing, womb work; permaculture, resilient living, food as medicine; healing justice; and more.

“We believe in creating the world we want to live in by putting our beliefs into practice in our backyard” ~ from the Sanctuary’s mission statement

Position Overview

[This is a part-time, live-in, unpaid, work-trade position] We are seeking a House/Property Manager. You will live on site and be part of our core team. We are seeking a powerhouse woman who feels like a sister and can significantly contribute to our gorgeous eco-urban Sanctuary that is dedicated to working with the divine feminine. You bring grounded grace, dynamism, passion, organizational savvy & skill, a keen eye for detail, and heartfelt support to our home front. You thrive on tending the hearth space, managing multiple tasks, building relationships, and you have a knack for navigating the macro to micro details. Your keen eye for visual detail and meticulous maintenance of spaces comes naturally. You are ready to settle into home and tribe, so this opportunity suits you as much as it suits us — we’re excited to meet you! You will work closely with our management team + three residential interns. This position includes flexible time off. A long-term commitment is ideal.

Begin as soon as possible. This posting will be removed when the position is filled.
This is a live-in, part-time, unpaid position.
A room, garden goodies & all amenities are included.

“Part of the magic of the Sanctuary is all the extraordinary people who work, volunteer, and pass through this community hub. What an inspiring place!” ~ M.A., advisory council

Roles & Responsibilities

This position is based on 20 hours per week, with time for a part-time job.

• Scheduling, Calendar, Daily Flow: Bring presence and care to the daily activities. Coordinate schedules.
• Communications: Support membership through in-person connection, plus text, email & a FB group page.

• Hospitality: Greet members & visitors. Help people feel at home. Ensure events & retreats run smoothly.
• House love: General tending, plus oversee cleaning schedule, standards & inspections with interns.
• Interns: Co-manage seasonal residential interns & an assistant. Leverage your time. Delegate tasks.


• You align with our vision and values, sharing interest in consciousness evolution, prayerful living, connection with tribe, and the whole human~whole gaia connection; sensual, queer-friendly, sex positive living; food as medicine, permaculture, resiliency; and sister priestess culture that isn’t too new agey, oh, but just a little.
• You are a savvy communicator with a knack for hospitality. People feel safe & heard around you. You circumvent drama & are an excellent troubleshooter.
• You love maintaining efficient organizational systems, catching glitches before they happen.
• You enjoy healthy living, eating organic & local, yoga, dance &/or other self-care practices.
• You are a superb communicator, with our team, members & visitors. Texting is no prob.
• Things don’t get by you. You are detail-oriented & keep people & projects on time.
• You are enthusiastic, funny, flexible & motivated; people feel good around you.
• You have background & experience in racial & social justice & radical politics.
• As a multi-tasker, you thrive & easily keep up with a variety of tasks.
• People like working with you, you are a natural motivator & host.
• You have a very refined eye for visual details & a job well-done.
• You own a laptop, iphone & can use google docs, etc.

“I wish all people could see this place and know it’s possible to live like this when you really put your heart into it. I want everyone I know to come here & experience it!” ~ Daniela, guest from Germany


• Be part of an incredible place that is in service to the divine feminine through service, play & love
• Enjoy your own private space while sharing a kitchen, office, common living spaces, bathroom & hot tub
• Live a short walk to downtown Asheville with access to nature and an integrated work flow environment
• Increase your knowledge and experience in food as medicine women’s collectives, temple arts & more
• Work closely with an assistant manager + interns to help you maintain a balanced life
• Engage other personal passions or a part-time job with 4 weeks off per year
• Collaborate with a circle of supportive sisters in community
• Enjoy our organic garden goodies + herbal products
• Receive monthly body & energy work sessions
• Free utilities, wifi, laundry & more

You will
• Immerse yourself in your field of passion & put your skills to great use
• Connect with local to global networks of people doing powerful work
• Experience living at a dynamic women’s eco-urban homestead
• Collaborate with our network of experts, authors & teachers
• Develop a beautiful model site that inspires many others
• Help make it happen, aka: be the glue behind the scene
• Connect with people who care about our planet

“What do I not learn being here!? I am so enlivened and profoundly grateful for this place, the people who I connect with every single day, the spirit of the Sanctuary & the vision that’s behind all of it!” ~ Cory, residential intern 2016


Please copy, paste and complete the survey below. Send it in an email, along with your letter of interest, resume, and two references. Send to Include in the subject line “Your Name + Hospitality Manager.” In an effort to save our time and yours, please submit all required information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Your full name, birth date, current address, email, phone number & skype.
  2. What relevant experiences, skills & traits do you bring to this position?
  3. What do you see yourself offering to the Sanctuary in this position?
  4. What are you hoping to get out of working in this position?
  5. Have you managed anything like this? If so, what was it?
  6. If you got this position, when would you be able to start?
  7. What are your 3-5 year personal & professional goals?
  8. Do you have any physical limitations whatsoever?
  9. Do you currently live in Asheville? For how long?
  10. How did you hear about us? Please be specific.
  11. Is there anything else you would like to add?
  12. Have you followed the application process?


Management Team