“We believe in creating the world we want to live in and putting our beliefs into practice in our backyard.” ~ from Ashevillage Sanctuary’s mission statement

About us

Ashevillage Sanctuary is a women-led, 1.3 acre eco-urban permaculture homestead & living-learning laboratory. The core purpose of the Sanctuary is to help anchor the divine feminine on the planet. We are located 5 blocks from downtown Asheville & back 60 acres of woods and trails.

The Sanctuary site includes:
• 3 naturally renovated houses with clay paint & plaster, and small earthen out buildings
• Integrated ecological rainwater catchment ponds & a natural habitat landscape
• Beautiful, organic edible, medicinal & flowered permaculture gardens
• Natural beekeeping, composting & mushroom production
• Woodland area with natural buildings & access to trails
• Recycled urbanite patio with wood-fired oven

Sanctuary culture includes:
• Women-focused, community-inspired gatherings, events & educational opportunities
• Healing & embodied arts of the mind, soul, spirit, heart & sensual pleasure body
• Social, racial & healing justice; movement building; dismantling racism
• Ancestral & ceremonial arts; mystical & applied practices in Love

“Part of the magic of the Sanctuary is all the extraordinary people who work, volunteer, and pass through this community hub. What an inspiring place!” ~ Matthew Abrams, advisory council

Internship overview

3 interns will live and work with Ashevillage Sanctuary for 6 months at a time. You will work 35 hours per week starting with a 3-week trial, which counts toward your 6 months. Your focus will be on a variety of tasks, from hands-on gardening and homesteading projects; to hosting and house care; to administrative and outreach support, and other seasonal tasks and needs. Hence, you will get to experience the full spectrum of all that we do. Some of your hours will be working closely with a manager or mentor; other hours will be working solo, or with other interns or volunteers. You must be up for all of it. Camping and some produce from the garden will be provided, however you will need to cover additional food costs. Work weeks are Mon-Fri with most weekends off. A 1.5 week break is included during the 6 months, which can be spread into shorter breaks — as you like.

Please note: Age – You must be 21 years of age to be considered for a residential internship position. Children –  Sorry, we are not a child-proof space and are unable to accommodate mothers with children long term. 

Interns must be willing to: Adapt to various work assignments; perform tedious, hands-on physical labor; lift over 40 lbs; practice compassionate communication; be self-motivated and detail-oriented. Previous experience working in a garden, farm or homestead, or in communications, graphics, or program/event management; or in hospitality and cleaning is helpful, but not required. Finally, the Sanctuary hosts regular visitors and community events, hence interns are expected to work with a positive demeanor and help to maintain a clean and orderly space on a daily basis.

Available dates in 2017 & 2018

If you have a date conflict, feel free to be in touch. We do fill our 3 spots AND we also work with shorter term arrangements.

  • March 12th – July 14th, 2017 –  FULL
  • July 9th – December 21st, 2017 – 1 spot available
  • January 7th, 2018 – July 6th, 2018 – 2 spots available

“My internship has been great! It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. After being in school where I spent a lot of time behind a desk, steeped in academic thinking, I really needed this. Now I’m enjoying being outside and doing other meaningful work. Learning by doing. Working with my hands. Being in my body. Getting my thoughts flowing. Doing something that is important to me…and to the world.” ~ Emily MacGibeny, 2016 intern

Roles & Responsibilities

You will be engaged in a variety of tasks and responsibilities based on what’s listed below and on the needs and projects of the gardens, site, guest house, and programs at the time of your internship.

Garden & Site Maintenance: Help our manager to develop and maintain the Sanctuary landscape. Managing our 1.3 acre eco-sanctuary is a rewarding, yet complex & full job. There are often multiple priorities so tasks may vary throughout the day.

  • Vegetable gardens: Weed, water, plant, mulch, amend soil, invasive removal, etc.
  • Systems management: Compost, irrigation, bees, mushrooms, woods, ponds
  • Food & herb processing: Help harvest, process, dry, blanch, make medicine
  • Maintenance & upkeep: Build, paint, clean, sweep, organize, sort, beautify
  • Hardscape: Acquire recycled materials, do stonework, create garden beds
  • Volunteer & work party support: Help plan, prepare & facilitate work days

Sanctuary Upkeep & Hospitality: Help with overall maintenance and management of the sanctuary, including interface with residents and visitors, scheduling, cooking, shopping, some cleaning, property maintenance, and other seasonal tasks.

  • Hospitality: Greet & orient visitors, give tours, make tea, help make the space beautiful
  • General support: Schedule, clean, laundry, shop, run errands, emails & other daily duties
  • Property maintenance: Help organize & clean, light carpentry, painting, projects & repairs

Office and Outreach Administration: Help with program outreach, promotions, event management, etsy, social media, running errands, etc.

  • Outreach: Post announcements online, share on social media, help with general outreach
  • Social media: Post & help grow our online audience, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Events: Help with set up, clean up; collect donations; support logistics & promotions
  • Storytelling: Share our story through blogging, photography, graphics & more

“I learn every day here. From the depth and vision that the women who live here bring, to community events about dismantling racism, to just being in the kitchen or at meetings — the daily life. I always knew there was more for me to be doing, and learning, and offering…..and I’ve found it here at the Sanctuary. I’ve been feeling grateful every day!” ~ Veronica Bejaranos, 2016 intern


  • Live on-site in a private camping spot with access to the guest house & full amenities
  • Enjoy in-season organic herbs & veggies from the garden – only when available
  • Gain real, hands-on skills in the various categories listed above
  • Learn how to manage an eco-urban sanctuary site
  • Online and in person educational opportunities
  • Work with a great team in an awesome town
  • Align real life experience with your values
  • Build your resume experience
    …I want to be learning practical skills. Homesteading, self-sufficiency, growing food, working the land are the things that are important to me at this time. I want to incorporate this into my social change activism. But first, I want to build my skill base so that I can be a stronger advocate with more to offer.” ~ Emily MacGibeny, 2016 intern


Two step application:

  1. Fill out and submit the survey below, plus follow #2…
  2. Email a letter of interest, resume, and two professional references to info@ashevillage.org. Include in the subject line, “Your Name: Residential Internship Application.”

Please note: We consider our interns to be part of our ‘staff’ team and we take this position seriously. If you are accepted, a $500 fully refundable deposit must be given as a commitment to secure your spot. This will be refunded to you in full upon completion of your 6 months. If you do not complete your 6 months, your deposit will be withheld and no refund will be provided. Exception will be made in the case of circumstances beyond your control, ie: serious illness, death in the family, etc.


Ashevillage Sanctuary Team :: info@ashevillage.org

What’s possible for creating our home right where we are with the people, land & creatures around us?” ~ Janell Kapoor, founder