Our mission is to provide regenerative, community-based, on-the-ground programs, projects and people that foster a vibrant, just, and resilient world. Our goal is to accelerate the design and implementation of local, nature-based, regenerative systems and thriving community-inspired culture. Read more about us. Our programs support people who want to work on behalf of the earth to become Earth Champions. Learn more about our programs.

Ashevillage Institute provides internship opportunities to people from varied levels and disciplines. Minimum commitment is 15 hours per week for at least 12 weeks, with a 3-week trial. More is welcome. This is an unpaid position. If you are interested in an internship position, please select 1-5 positions from the list below, and follow the steps in the ‘APPLY’ section below.

• Gain experience working with a non-profit.
• Be supported and mentored by experienced staff.
• If you are a student, college credit may be available through your institution.
• Build a network of movers n’ shakers who are deeply engaged in the issues you care about.
• Work with a passionate and dedicated team that is creating whole-systems approaches to complex issues.
• Credit to attend Ashevillage Institute programs may be available upon completion of internship.

• You have excellent communication skills.
• You love being organized and efficient with systems.
• You have a refined eye for detail and a job well-done.
• You align with our organization’s mission, vision and goals.
• You are self-motivated and able to work with others comfortably.
• You are good at finding creative solutions and have an enthusiastic attitude.
• You must have experience and skills in the position for which you are applying.
• For computer-based tasks, you are able to work on your own computer and can attend weekly meetings at the Ashevillage headquarters.


Directors’ Assistant – Support our co-directors by helping them complete personal tasks, and with weekly and monthly benchmarks. Excellent organizational skills are a must.

Digital Assistant – Support our online programs and events. Some experience with online services such as Shopping Carts, Instant Teleseminar, WordPress is preferred.

Administrative Assistant – Support our efforts by helping to maintain and run our office, answer emails, and handle general and weekly administrative tasks.

Operations Manager – This position offers a deep dive into supporting the operations and long-term development of the organization. Experience and qualifications are necessary.

Grant Writer – Research and develop grants for our educational programs, scholarships, community projects and collaborations. Sample work is requested upon application.

Well-Being Director :) – Nourish our core team with healthy, living foods, juices, herbal remedies, body and/or energy work, and other supportive ways to keep us feeling good.


Permaculture Gardener – Assist with gardening and related tasks at our one-acre permaculture demonstration site. Some experience and physical capability are necessary.

Handyperson – Assist with carpentry and general maintenance of our one-acre permaculture demonstration site. Some experience and physical capability are necessary.

Builder/Carpenter – Lead and/or help complete building projects such as decks and micro buildings at our headquarters, the Ashevillage Sanctuary. You must have your own tools.

Herb & Food Forager & Processor- Process herbs from our garden and the surrounding area, including wild-crafting, medicine making, and other kinds of processing & preservation.

Organizer & Cleaner – If you are someone who loves to organize and clean, we will be happy to hand off some specific site-related projects for you to work your magic.

Painter – Complete various indoor and outdoor painting projects at our headquarters. Professional experience is necessary. Opportunity to learn earthen plaster may be an option.


Outreach Assistant – Assist with online outreach and social media for our programs, thus helping to support educational opportunities and increase sustainable solutions in action.

Flyering Manager – Help get the word out about our programs while walking around town, college campuses, etc. If you are not based in Asheville, we would like our flyers in other cities, too, so feel free to apply.

Blogger/Writer – Write blog posts and articles about our programs, events, relevant community initiatives, how-to pieces, personal interviews, and more.

Graphic Artist – Create high quality graphics for program outreach, website, social media, and overall messaging and storytelling of the mission and vision of our organization.

Photographer – Help tell our story by capturing high quality images of events and people. You’ll need your own camera. Please submit some sample work.

Videographer – Document and create compelling videos that help tell our story, increase outreach &/or learning. Experience is necessary. Please submit some sample work.

Animator – Create animations pieces for our website that help tell our story and/or provide educational content. Please submit some sample work.

Pod-Caster - Create educational and outreach podcasts from our live events. Some experience is required, please share samples.

SEO Development Manager – Help us maximize our outreach potential and web traffic by optimizing our SEO potential. Close mentorship will be provided.


Community Party Organizer – Organize logistics for community parties and celebrations at our headquarters, including preparation, set-up, clean-up and support during events.

Big Events Coordinator – Coordinate logistics for public events with nationally renown speakers, authors and movers & shakers. Event capacity may include 200-400 attendees.

Food Sponsorship Coordinator – Coordinate outreach to local restaurants and grocery stores for food sponsorship of our programs and events.


Wise Water School Researcher & Assistant – Do you want to further local water projects, watershed regeneration and living systems that support the true health and wealth of your community and the world? The Wise Water School supports water leaders to take a deep dive into designing, implementing and accelerating community-inspired, regenerative, water-related projects. Please see the full position description here.

Ashevillage Cook – Make delicious, local, organic meals for nationally known guest presenters and our core team during educational programs. Culinary experience is required.

Student Accreditation Coordinator – Help research, plan and implement a course of action for getting our educational programs accredited through local and national colleges and universities.

Asheville City Farm Coordinator – Help plan, outreach and develop a 3.5 acre public property into a community-based city farm. Must be an Asheville local familiar with sustainable food systems.

Policy Development Coordinator – Help research and develop ecologically and socially progressive policies that could be introduced and adopted within Asheville or Buncombe County.

Please copy, paste and complete the survey below, and include it in an email, along with a letter of interest, resume, and two references. Send to info@ashevillage.org. Include in the subject line “Your Name + Internship Application.”

1. Your name, birthdate, email, and phone number.
2. How did you hear about us?
3. What positions are you interested in? Please limit to five, in order of interest from most to least.
4. What are you hoping to get out of your internship with Ashevillage Institute & Sanctuary?
5. When are you available to start? To end? What days/times are you available?
6. Do you have any health conditions we should know about?
7. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Kathryn Blau
Outreach Coordinator