Mission & Vision

Our mission is to catalyze community-based, on-the-ground programs, projects and people that foster a vibrant, just, and resilient world. Our goal is to accelerate the design and implementation of regenerative, nature-based systems and culture. Our vision is of humanity living by the wisdom of nature in a way that honors and supports life in peaceful and thriving cohabitation.

Institute Programs

Our programs bring together leading teachers, practitioners, and innovators with participants who want to gain real life skills that can be put into practice in your life and community. Learn more about our programs. Our community of Asheville, NC is abundant with people, projects, and initiatives that are creating a dynamically engaging place to live (and visit). We recognize the land, rivers, mountains, trees, and other living beings of this region to be the greater community of which we are a part.

Sanctuary Headquarters

Ashevillage Sanctuary is a transformed junkyard and crack house turned eco-urban, demonstration site, living-learning laboratory and guest house. Located a few blocks from downtown Asheville, NC, the 1.3 acre site demonstrates integrated ecological systems and a hive of activity. We’re surrounded by extensive gardens, ponds, a waterfall, natural building, recycled stone courtyard and ampitheatre. At the Sanctuary we believe in creating the world we want to live in now and putting our beliefs into practice in our own backyard. We grow food and make medicine, capture and use rainwater, and show others how to do the same. Please come visit, participate, share, and take the leap toward being all that you can be in this world — it is calling you!

Our Participants

Our guests and participants come from many walks of life, and span from our own neighborhood to more than 20 countries. Many of you are looking to deepen your skills, visions, paths, and next steps toward creating the world and life you know is possible. Whatever your reason for connecting with us, we are glad to be connecting and supporting you on your path.

Contact Us

Be in touch at info@ashevillage.org.

Ashevillage is a partnership between the Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC and Ashevillage Institute nonprofit.