“The only permaculture program out there (in the world) that goes this in depth, that is this career focused, and has this much of a build it support structure to help you along the way. And you get the highly successful permaculture businesses owner Erik Ohlsen as a teacher and a mentor. Worth a serious look if you are going down this career path.” ~ Ecological Landscaper Immersion

Date: Begins November 30
Location: Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, CA
Fee: $8,250

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Ecological Landscaper Immersion [ELI]

The Ecological Landscaper Immersion (affectionately know as ELI) was created to empower the next generation of aspiring professional land stewards with a foundation of ecological literacy, practical landscaping and design skills, combined with personal and professional development.  Graduates are able to align their unique strengths and interests into vocations that increase the life-supporting capacity of landscapes.

ELI includes

  • Opportunity to work with landscape professionals, land managers and land-based entrepreneurs
  • Hands-on experience and proactive engagements with real-world projects
  • Personal and professional development training with the guidance of a teaching team

Top 5 reasons to join ELI

  1. Build skills by doing
  2. Learn why not just how
  3. Find focus
  4. Develop your support network
  5. Learn from the leaders


If you have any questions about the ELI program we’d love to connect with you! Please email our Outreach Director, Erin Axelrod at  or call our office 707-824-0836.