“Permaculture is not an alternative to agriculture, it’s an ecological problem solving tool for retrofitting agriculture, fusing time-tested techniques with leading-edge innovation to transcend systems that no longer serve the well-being of people and planet.” ~ Farm School 2017

Date: Begins September 30
Location: Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, CA
Fee: $4,250

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Farm School 2017

Farm School supports you to cultivate the skills and relationships you need to begin and sustain a successful farm enterprise. Created for the urban, suburban and rural farmer, Farm School is committed to helping farmers and farm-families establish productive thriving businesses in their region’s food economy; we grow farms that feed their local communities while regenerating their local ecosystems. Farm School’s curriculum addresses some of the biggest barriers to entering a career in farming – knowledge, access to land, markets, capital and the on-going support of a mentor and learning community.

Farm School includes

  • 14-week intensive training
  • Integrated 6-month mentorship
  • A supportive mentor

You will learn

  • How to design, build and support a holistic, regenerative farm business that will increase the life-supporting capacity of the land and your revenue
  • About water systems, soil science, crop planning, agroforestry, energy systems and harvesting techniques
  • How to formulate a business plan that can be embedded strategically into your particular regional food economy

Top 5 reasons to join Farm School

  1. Learn from food and farm leaders
  2. Define your niche and write a business plan
  3. Day-to-day skills
  4. Start your farm
  5. Best business management practices


If you have any questions about the Farm School Program, we’d love to hear from you!  Please email our or call our office at (707) 824-0836.