Members: Sanctuary Homeshare

The Sanctuary is a beautiful, eco-urban, comfy-chic, community-oriented, 4 connected properties with several houses, earthen cottages, gorgeous permaculture gardens & courtyards, bordering woods — all a short walk to downtown Asheville. We have 10 rooms (1-3 beds in each) + 2 private practitioner rooms for session work, ie: massage, reiki, etc. We also host a variety of activities, community gatherings, residential internships, private retreats, workshops & more. See details below.

Our community homeshares provide you with:
• Having an affordable, nurturing home away from home where you can stay when you like
• Someone else handling all the maintenance, utilities & general upkeep of the space
• Enjoying a sense of connective community, inspiring people & aligned values
• Being an easy walk to downtown & bordering 60 acres of woods & trails
• Relishing in the beauty of this uniquely designed & purposeful place
• Using the naturally-treated hot tub…for a minimal upcharge
• Supporting a local, women-run, bad ass business

“I didn’t realize I was looking for a place like this until I landed. I feel deeply inspired, connected & grateful to the Sanctuary & to all those who’ve helped make it so special!” ~ Keresey Pearl

Your Membership Supports

As a member, you are supporting an eco-urban Goddess Sanctuary that is dedicated to:
• Anchoring the divine feminine & all manners of authentic, intimate & sensual living
• Working with permaculture, living skills, food as medicine & ecological practices
• Contributing toward the creation of a more resilient, just & healed world for all
• Hosting ancestral, ceremonial, body-centered, erotic & healing arts

“We believe in creating the world we want to live in by putting our beliefs into practice in our own backyard, our relationships, our service to community & the world at large.” ~ Janell Kapoor, founder

Gorgeous Guesthouse & Grounds, Overnight Rooms, Practitioner & Event Spaces

As a member, you will receive a **package of overnights** per month + full day access to common spaces + free parking with easy walk into town + (optional) 24/7 hot tub access. PLUS…

  • 2 delightful, sunlit guesthouses with custom-made earthen plasters
  • 10 exquisitely designed private & shared bedrooms that sleep 20+
  • 5 large common rooms including living, dining, kitchen & office
  • 2 private practitioner rooms for you to host client sessions
  • 2 stone courtyards, an ampitheatre, waterfall & gardens
  • 7 inside & outside areas for meetings & co-working
  • 20-person flex-use gathering & event spaces
  • Free parking & an easy walk to town
  • Wifi, washer/dryer & all utilities (be sure to bring your own linens!)
  • 24/7 hot tub access @ 80% off

“What’s awesome about having my share at the Sanctuary is that by the time I use the hot tub, enjoy my morning tea, use the laundry, save on a parking meter — I’ve saved more than $15. I mean, Hot Springs alone is $50 per visit! Plus, I’ve enjoyed connecting with other Sanctuary members.” ~ Bobbi Williams, member

Other Benefits

Our permaculture oasis features
1.3 acres of beautiful, organic, edible & pollinator gardens, rain catchment ponds, a large recycled stone courtyard, and connected woodlands with 3 small earthen cottages. We border 60 acres of forested walking trails. We’re an 8-minute walk to the heart of downtown Asheville.

Practitioner rooms & event space
We have two beautiful practitioner rooms (with massage tables) + 20-person meeting space. If you are interested in seeing clients or hosting an event, space is available. 20% of sessions &/or events goes to the Sanctuary. You keep the rest.

The houses are cleaned on a weekly basis. Bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned daily. You are asked to leave spaces as good as you find them.

Our live-in management team consists of three awesome interns who help maintain the calendar and cleaning, as well as the site and gardens. You will get to know them throughout your stay.

4-month trial
We are offering a 4-month trial this January-April 2017. You will be welcome to renew again after that, as well as share your feedback, and help us provide more of what you want.

“Members are folks who share some of our values & goals, who want a part-time overnight place in Asheville, who live an hour from town & come in regularly, are a practitioner meeting clients, have friends and family who visit often, host retreats and want a place for participants to stay, etc.” ~ Brainstorm on the perfect fit

Package Options

You have three options
Note: You may split any of the options below with up to 4 members. Plus, you are each welcome to host guests, as well. Each person who spends a night counts for 1 overnight, ie: if 2 of you spend the night, that counts as 2 overnights, whether you share a bed or have your own.

  • Full Package: 12 overnights per month. $30/night = $360 total
  • Half Package: 6 overnights per month. $40/night = $240 total
  • Quarter Package: 3 overnights per month. $50/night = $150 total
  • Add 10% for 24/7 access to the hot tub; only $15-$36 per month!

“Because I live 2 hours away and have clients I like to see in Asheville, a place to stay and work from is perfect. Plus, who could ask for a more beautiful & soulful spot?! My clients love coming here.” ~ Julia T.

What makes this a deal?

What you won’t be spending
At $30-$50 per night, keep in mind that you’re also getting great value during the day. Between eating in (save $10/day), laundry ($5), downtown parking ($10/day), tea ($5/Dobra), meeting/co-working space ($30/day).

Our freakin’ lovely, naturally-treated, hot tub under the stars…hello!
Hot Springs charges $50 per hour, but at the Sanctuary, you can 1) soak as long as you like, 2) skip the 2-hour round trip, and 3) only pay $15-$36 per month vs. $50 per hour! This amount covers everyone in your membership split, as well as your guests.

Better than hostel rates
Lastly, if you stayed at one of the hostels in a room with 6 people, you’d spend just as much…with none of these perks, nor the luxurious retreat rooms the Sanctuary offers. Oh, and once again, you are supporting and participating in a beautiful, local, bad ass, women-run biz. Enough said!

Community of potent women
There is no shortage of fascinating people and events that are hosted at the Sanctuary. Core focus includes: Planetary Priestess; ecstatic sensual intimate community; sex positive, women-loving, ceremonial. People of all genders are welcome who support women-held spaces.

“I was mostly drawn by the convenience and community. I like intersecting with the variety of people and things you have happening here. And it’s ideal having an in-town pad that’s this easy, available, affordable…and nurturing in so many ways.” ~ Tantric Teacher & Author

Lowdown for Members

  • Membership starts with a 4-month trial. Your membership may be renewed after 4 months.
  • Overnights are in private or shared rooms, 1-3 beds each. Private rooms are $10 more/person.
  • Your package offers you a set number of nights. There are no month-to-month rollovers.
  • Beds are first-come, first-served. Availability can be viewed in the shared google calendar.
  • Booking guarantees you a bed, though exact rooms (unless private) are not guaranteed.
  • Cancellations must be made 48+ hours in advance or your reservation will be counted.
  • Between stays, you are welcome to keep personal belongings at the Sanctuary.
  • Clean up after yourself, leaving the space in as good a shape as you find it.
  • You will have access to the kitchen, office & other common areas.
  • You may split your membership with up to four people.
  • Your guests, friends & family may use your overnights.
  • Quiet hours: 10pm-8am.

“I’ve watched the Sanctuary transform over time and am so happy to see it in this phase, serving it’s purpose in community and in the world.” ~ Janell Kapoor, founder

Fee, Payment & Cancellation

Package options range from $150-$360 per month, which can be split/shared with others. See “Package Options” above for details. 24/7 hot tub access is 10% more, ie: just $15-$36 per share/monthly total.

Payment schedule
Initial payment includes: First & last month + $100 refundable deposit. Your other two payments (month 2 + 3) are due on the 1st of each month. After the January thru April trial, you can renew.

50% of payment is due up front, including: your first month + last month + security deposit + 3% PayPal service fee to via Add a note saying: member. Full share: $845 // Half share: $598 // Quarter share: $412.

Your $100 security deposit will be refunded to you unless there are unexpected cleaning or damage fees that are incurred because of you or your guests.

Hot tub
If you’d like full access to the hot tub for everyone in your share, it costs only 10% more, which is between $15-$36 total per month. Your co’members & overnight guests are welcome at no charge.

There are NO REFUNDS. If your plans shift, you may pass/sell your overnights to friends, family, or even other Sanctuary members.

“I love how alternative and thoughtful this model is. I like being part of it!” ~ Jon H.

Join & Bookings

To be considered for a membership, please fill out the 1st of the two google forms. See 1st form below.

Once you 1) send your application (see below), 2) are confirmed by email, 3) pay your above fees, 4) your final step is to submit your membership contract below. See 2nd form below.

Finally, our house mama will give you access to the shared calendars so you can see what’s available and start booking your dates. Reservations are first-come, first-served.

“My 2 housemates and I got a 6-night package. We visit Asheville a couple days a month and love what the Sanctuary sisterhood is up to  — it’s so juicy. We coordinate our visits around their events.” ~ Emily J.


To apply for a homeshare membership, please submit this survey. It takes about 5 minutes. We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm. Please note that your form will not automatically save, so take a moment to read through, then complete and submit the form in one fell swoop. We look forward to hearing from you!


Once your application has been accepted, send in your payment and submit the member contract below.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Alana Bowen
Sanctuary Manager
585.770.4081 (text only)