Residential Community: Welcome home!

[6-12 month leases available] Our beautiful, natural, sun-filled, women-led, community-oriented Eco-Urban Homestead Goddess Sanctuary is dedicated to anchoring the wild divine feminine on the planet. We’re a working site with extensive permaculture gardens, food as medicine practices, community gatherings & a healing room. We are women-centered, queer/trans-friendly, black, brown & non-binary lovin’. Healers, artisans, herbalists, entrepreneurs, earth activists, yoginis, reSisters, etc…y’all are welcome! Resident perks include: our naturally-treated hot tub + seasonal organic goodies from the garden + Monday check-in’s with lunch provided + monthly community events + healing sessions & healing room.

The world needs more of this! The Sanctuary has touched my soul, inspired my life, grown my visions & activated my next steps as a powerful woman & artist in the world. ~ Cory Blair

More about Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC

We are located on 1.3 acres & 4 privately-owned connected properties a few blocks to downtown Asheville & backing 60 acres of woodland trails. Our site includes extensive edible, medicinal & pollinator gardens, water retention systems, out buildings, a recycled stone courtyard & 3 residential homes that each house a community of women (& other genders from time to time), as well as worktraders who live on the land. Though a number of us live here, it doesn’t feel overly full. We tend to be great at maintaining that sweet balance between community connectivity & spacious personal time.

• 3 charming homes filled with sunlight, clay paint & niches throughout
• Open floor design with living & dining room, kitchen & shared office
• Views of the beautiful gardens or the mountains from each room
• Extensive permaculture gardens with large stone courtyard
• Access to the bordering 60 acres of woodland trails
• A naturally-treated hot tub under the stars
• Wi-Fi, washer/dryer & utilities included

I am blown away seeing how this place has transformed. I was here in the early days & feel like I’ve just walked into paradise. I can’t believe how it’s shifted. Seeing the gardens made me cry! ~ Charlotte Smith

We heart…

Eco living, food as medicine, nourishment, yoga, dance, meditation, community, kindness, connectivity, compassionate communication, embodied & womanly arts, healing justice, sensuality, queer, trans, black & brown lives matter, transformative culture, evolutionary consciousness, living the good life, women entrepreneurs, intuition, inter generational respect, tribe, intimacy, integrating our whole human divine selves within the web of life! We are nature.

I deeply value having a place where I can be fully me while being held in love. ~ Liana Moonstone

Rooms & rates

Rates vary from $300-$725 per month. PLEASE NOTE: An additional $150 monthly fee covers the following: Utilities, heating/cooling, washer/dryer & wifi; 24/7 access to our naturally-treated outdoor hot tub that is well maintained; a seasonal organic CSA; upkeep of the gorgeous landscape; a weekly house-keeper who helps with deep cleaning (housemates do chore-shares, too); basic household cleaning supplies, ie: dish soap & toilet paper; filtered water; weekly community check-in’s with an organic lunch provided…not mandatory, but all are encouraged to attend; monthly gatherings & events. Residents also contribute 1.5-3 hours of service per week based on your particular skills, ie: gardening, bodywork, coaching, etc. This helps build community cohesion & connect all of us with the Sanctuary. All rooms are full at the moment. If you are interested in being on our waiting list, please fill out the application below.

We love this place! We were so thankful for the opportunity to experience the Sanctuary. From the moment we came up the drive, we knew we had entered a magical place. ~ Jess Kaufman

Resident details

Here are more details to see if Sanctuary living is in mutual alignment.

Cleanliness: This is a very high priority for us. We are neat freaks & appreciate living with other neat freaks, especially in shared living space. This means cleaning up as you cook, so the kitchen is clean before you eat, wiping the stove down, putting dry dishes away before stacking wet ones on top, wiping the bathroom sink so it’s clean for the next person, not leaving your stuff lying around. With respect for your time & ours, please don’t apply if this isn’t your natural mojo.
Sanctuary service: We like living with folks who want to partake in & contribute their energy to the sanctuary vs. just being random renters. To help create cohesion between residents & the sanctuary, we all give some form of ‘service’ on a weekly basis, whether it be gardening, massage, organization….or whatever feels good for you to give. This is based on 3 (or less) hours per week, depending on your skills. We can discuss this during your initial interview.
Guests: Daytime visitors are welcome any time at no charge. In addition, 2 free overnight guest passes are included per month. If you have more than 2 overnight guests per month, they are welcome -and- we request a contribution of $20 per night. If your guest wants their own room, please have them contact us.
Hot tub: You are welcome to use the hot tub any time, free of charge. Beyond this, 2 hot tub ‘friend’ passes per month are included. If you have more than 2 hot tub visitors per month, a $10 contribution is requested per person per visit.
• Mondays: We meet from 11am-1pm with our management, worktraders & any residents who can make it (not mandatory). We check-in personally, share updates re: people, projects, events, and enjoy a yummy organic lunch.
Food: We prefer sharing the kitchen with folks who prioritize local & organic, ie: shopping from the coop is a plus!

Views: Rooms have long range mountain sunset or garden views *except the sun room & garage studio.
Shared meals: We share a ‘family’ dinner roughly once a month to connect & enjoy together.
Chores: You are expected to share in house chores & help keep the space clean n’ tidy!
Parking: Street parking is free.

We are looking for those who are deeply aligned to come live with us! ~ the Sanctuary Team

Apply to live at the Sanctuary

If you’re in alignment with our wild n’ wonderful ways, please fill out & submit the form below. Children: We are not a child-proof space & are unable to accommodate children long term. Pets: We accept pets who don’t bark, shed, drool, scratch, or poop/pee in our gardens. Pets must be on leash when outside. There is a $50 pet fee per month.

My time with you ladies was a dream come true. It nourished part of me that I didn’t even know I needed. I finally felt accepted for who I am…all of me. It was healing & beautiful…and I will be back, you can count on that! ~ Giovanna Soares