Welcome home!

[1-12 month leases available at our Sanctuary] Our beautiful, natural, sun-filled, hand-crafted, women-run, community-oriented Goddess Sanctuary & Eco-Urban Homestead is dedicated to anchoring the wild divine feminine on the planet. We’re a working site with interns, gardening, food as medicine, community events & practitioner spaces for the healing & ceremonial arts. We are women-centered, queer/trans-friendly, black, brown & non-binary lovin’. Healers, artisans, herbalists, entrepreneurs, earth activists, yoginis, dakinis, reSisters, students, etc…y’all welcome! Resident perks include the invitation to participate in our activities, classes & events, although there’s no obligation whatsoever. We like to build cohesiveness without obligation.

The world needs more of this! The Sanctuary has touched my soul, inspired my life, grown my visions & activated my next steps as a powerful woman & artist in the world. ~ Cory Blair

Sanctuary site

We are situated on 1.3 acres with 4 connected properties, a few blocks from downtown Asheville & backing 60 acres of woodland trails. The site is extensive with permaculture gardens, rainwater ponds, a waterfall, out buildings, recycled stone courtyard & ampitheatre. We have 2 homes that accommodate us, our interns & community activities. There’s plenty of sunlight, garden & sunset views, earthen walls & arches throughout. We’ve also got a naturally-treated hot tub.

We love this place! We were so thankful for the opportunity to experience the Sanctuary. From the moment we came up the drive, we knew we had entered a magical place. ~ Jessie Kaufman

Sanctuary includes

• Our 2 charming homes with clay paint & niches throughout; 4-5 residents per house
• Open floor design with living & dining rooms, kitchens & shared office
• Extensive permaculture gardens with large stone courtyard
• Access to the bordering 60 acres of woodland trails
• A naturally-treated hot tub under the stars
• Wi-Fi, washer/dryer & utilities included
• Residential interns who tend the site

I am blown away seeing how this place has transformed. I was here in the early days & feel like I’ve just walked into paradise. I can’t believe how it’s shifted. Seeing the gardens made me cry! ~ Charlotte Smith

We heart…

Eco living, food as medicine, nourishment, yoga, dance, meditation, community, healing justice, compassionate communication, embodied & womanly arts, queer-friendly, sensual & sex positive, black & brown lives matter, transformative culture, evolutionary consciousness, living the dream, women entrepreneurs, making it happen, tribe, connectivity, intimacy, integrating our whole human divine selves within the web of life! We are nature.

I deeply value having a place where I can be fully be me & be held in love. ~ Liana Moonstone

Rooms & rates

Rental rates vary based on the length of your stay & which room; ranging from $525-$1250. For exact rates, please email sanctuary@ashevillage.org. Include which room & the dates of your stay. In addition to rent, residents contribute 1.5-4 hours of service per week based on your particular skill/offering, ie: gardening, bodywork, leading a yoga class, etc. This helps to build community cohesion & covers the naturally-treated hot tub & in-house organic CSA. Also included are all utilities, wifi, washer/dryer, heating/cooling, upkeep of the gorgeous landscape, basic household cleaning supplies, ie: toilet paper & dish soap.

Available in June
Sun Room: Little with tons of windows; can split between 2 people who want a part-time space in town
Sage Room: Mid-size room with a beautiful garden view & a gentle soothing feeling, cozy & sunlit space
Rose Room: Super cute small room with a beautiful garden view; ideal if you have minimal belongings
Stone Room: Mid-size with a gorgeous long-range sunset view; ideal for someone who is very clean

Available in July
Artist Studio: Has separate ground floor entry; old brick walls freshly painted white; 8’x16′ x 12’height

Available now
Practitioner Room: Beautiful shared room; earthen clay-based walls; private, clean, great views

Residential details

Here are more details to see if living at the Sanctuary is in alignment with what you are looking for.

Participate: Informal classes on permaculture gardening, herbalism, food as medicine, plus a weekly group meditation is part of our weekly flow, as well as a Monday 11am group check-in with our interns & residents who’d like to join. There is zero obligation, but you are welcome to join any of these activities as you like….for free!
Overnight guests: 2 overnight guest passes per month are included. If you have more overnight guests per month, we request a  contribution of $15-$35/person/night. This applies to overnighters; your day guests are welcome any time! If your over night guest wants to stay in their own room, have them contact info@ashevillage.org.
Hot tub: 2 hot tub ‘friend’ passes per month are included. If you have more than 2 hot tub visitors per month, a $10 contribution is requested. This is based on the honor system.

Shared meal: ‘Family’ dinner is roughly 2x a month & while not obligatory, we enjoy sharing this time together.
Part-time: Residents can arrange for pro-rated, part-time/split use.
Views: Rooms have either stunning sunset or garden views.
Chores: House chores are expected to be shared.
Parking: Street parking is free.

We are looking for those who are deeply aligned to come live with us! ~ the Sanctuary Team

Apply to live at the Sanctuary

Send an email with your LOI, resume & responses to these questions. Note: Sorry, we are not a child-proof space & are unable to accommodate children long term.

1) Name & contact info
2) Which dates & room
3) A paragraph about you
4) Why are you a good fit
5) Your current job situation
6) Your preferred eating habits
7) What service skills would you offer
8) Is there anything else you’d like to share
9) How did you find us — please be specific

Part of the magic of the Sanctuary is all the extraordinary people who work, volunteer & pass through this community hub. What an inspiring place! ~ Daniela Ferberg


If you are in alignment with our wild n’ wonderful ways, please send your application to sanctuary@ashevillage.org.

Imagine if all people cared for their land, every neighborhood connected their properties, created wildlife habitat with rainwater ponds, grew pollinator gardens, shared food… ~ Janell Kapoor