Ashevillage Sanctuary has evolved. Our current core purpose is to help anchor the wild divine feminine on the planet at this time. We work with the earthy & erotic arts toward human evolution by supporting women’s sexuality, liberation & emboldened embodiment. Our vision includes the integration of our pleasure bodies as part of our healed humanity. We are coming from a decade of rootedness in our original mission of: Catalyzing community-based, on-the-ground programs, projects & people that foster a vibrant, just & resilient world. Our goal was to accelerate the design & implementation of regenerative, nature-based systems & culture. Our vision was (& continues) of humanity living by the wisdom of nature in a way that honors & supports life in peaceful & thriving cohabitation. While our ‘purpose’ has evolved, we deeply value & continue to live by & integrate our earlier purpose at Ashevillage Sanctuary.

About the Sanctuary

The dream. Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC started in 2006 with one property. The dream: Create an example of beautiful, resilient, soulful living. Something that evokes peace. A sense of belonging. In our own backyard. Inspiring others to do the same. Rainwater catchment. Edible gardens. Pollinator & wildlife habitat. Community space. A retreat for artists, healers, change-makers, visionaries. An opportunity to connect with the earth. Among the hustle & bustle. A modern indigenous model. In an urban neighborhood. Where the majority of our human family resides. Ways to return. And partner with nature. Our own nature.

Fast forward a decade. Our dream has come alive! With the hands & hearts of hundreds of helpers. With the hard work of our evolving team. With the persnickety persistence of our founder. And a vision that is greater than any one of us. We are quite pleased with what has become of this place. And grateful. For this homage. To the essence in all who pass through. To our local & world community. To all who helped make the Sanctuary what it is today. And most especially to the web of life that makes up this one small blink in the intricate folds of our complex existence.

A little her’story. Back in 2006, our founder, Janell Kapoor, was deeply engaged in the worldwide natural building & permaculture movement. She purchased the first property at that time & got to work. From wild food & fermentation to beekeeping; rainwater catchment to natural building; permaculture design courses to internships. Janell & the Ashevillage team ran an educational institute, working with many teachers & thousands of students. It was local & international. From this, the Sanctuary began its path to what it is today. The landscape began to take shape. The terraces & soil were built. A decade later, the gardens are lush as ever. The homes complete. The birds singing. What was one property has become four! What was originally a dilapidated yard & crack house has become an exquisite hand-crafted homestead paradise.

Bringing us to now. As things go, our focus has evolved. The relationship with this Place has grown. The Spirit of the Sanctuary has come alive. She (yes, she) has guided us to deepen our understanding of her soul purpose. Nestled in the oldest mountains on the planet. We listen. And we learn with her. There is a clear call. Anchoring of the wild & divine feminine on the planet in this time. And although we honor the full spectrum of the sacred feminine~masculine that we all embody (& even with our own resistance to the binary impact of words such as ‘feminine’ & ‘masculine’), sometimes you just need to heed the call of spirit. And listen to what is being asked. The Sanctuary’s spirit is strong. She calls us to her. And we are showing up. We invite you to show up, too. Whether in your own place, or here with us. See below for all the ways you can get involved. Btw: We are by no means gender exclusive. We honor all genders.

What we currently do here. We are home to roughly 12 residents + several worktraders + healing artists + community events + private retreats. The physical infrastructure of the Sanctuary is highlighted below. As mentioned above, our purpose centers on anchoring the wild & divine feminine, particularly though the earthy & erotic arts, women’s sexuality & the liberation of all of us, dismantling racism, ancestral healing, practices in self-mastery, human evolution & the like. We don’t necessarily share all that we do publicly. After all, women are meant to have some secrets, right?!

Site & gardens

• Our 3 homes have tons of light, clay paint & plaster & built-in niches throughout
• Open floor design with common spaces, practitioner rooms, kitchens & office
• Extensive edible & pollinator gardens with large courtyard & terraces
• The bordering 60 acres of woodland trails, trees & wildlife
• Unique earthen outbuildings with beautiful detail work
• A naturally-treated hot tub to enjoy under the stars

I am blown away seeing how this place has transformed. I was here in the early days & feel like I’ve just walked into paradise. I can’t believe how it’s shifted. Seeing the gardens made me cry! ~ Charlotte Smith

Get involved

Ashevillage Sanctuary is a peaceful & dynamic place. We are actively engaged with land-based & other projects. We can always use help! Here are some ways to get involved at the Sanctuary:

Imagine if all people cared for their land, every neighborhood connected their properties, created wildlife habitat with rainwater ponds, grew pollinator gardens, shared food. ~ Janell Kapoor, founder