Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC is dedicated to anchoring the wild divine feminine on the planet at this time. We enjoy practices in self-inquiry, healing arts, human evolution, dance, yoga, connection with Gaia, food as medicine, sensuality & emboldened embodiment. We recognize that we are one part of the co-creation of a greater healed humanity. Our earlier roots were based in the design & implementation of regenerative, nature-based systems & culture. Our vision was (& continues) of humanity living by the wisdom of nature in a way that honors & supports life in peaceful & thriving cohabitation. All of which is a work in process…

About the Sanctuary

Early days. Ashevillage began in 2006 as a dream of Janell (founder), local friends & family to create a soul-inspiring place of beauty & connection, and to explore modern indigenous ways of living amidst the hustle & bustle of modernity. Over the years, the Sanctuary grew, neighboring properties were acquired, fences removed, the site & gardens developed, and a beautiful permaculture oasis taken root.

Listening to the land. Our relationship with this unique Place has grown. The Spirit of the Sanctuary helps us to deepen our understanding of her soul purpose. Nestled in the oldest mountains on the planet, we listen & learn: Now is a time for anchoring the wild & divine feminine on the planet. Even while honoring the full spectrum of sacred feminine~masculine that we all embody. The Sanctuary’s spirit is strong. She calls us to her. And we are showing up. We invite you to show up, too. Whether in your own place, or here with us.

What we currently do here. After years of non-stop projects, people & programs, we are now home to roughly 15-20 residents & worktraders. We share a healing room, hot tub & community gatherings. At the Sanctuary, we heart embodied living, dismantling racism, ancestral healing, compassionate communication, self-awareness practices & the like.

Site & gardens

• Our 3 homes have tons of light, clay paint & plaster & built-in niches throughout
• Open floor design with common spaces, practitioner rooms, kitchens & office
• Extensive edible & pollinator gardens with large courtyard & terraces
• The bordering 60 acres of woodland trails, trees & wildlife
• Unique earthen outbuildings with beautiful detail work
• A naturally-treated hot tub to enjoy under the stars

I am blown away seeing how this place has transformed. I was here in the early days & feel like I’ve just walked into paradise. I can’t believe how it’s shifted. Seeing the gardens made me cry! ~ Charlotte Smith

Join us

Ashevillage Sanctuary is a peaceful & dynamic place. We are actively engaged with the gardens, site & other projects. Here are some ways you can get involved at the Sanctuary:

Imagine if all people cared for their land, every neighborhood connected their properties, created wildlife habitat with rainwater ponds, grew pollinator gardens, shared food. ~ Janell Kapoor, founder