The Southeastern Permaculture Gathering is taking place this weekend [August 5th-7th] in Celo, North Carolina. This year is the 24th year of the gathering which makes it one of the oldest permaculture gatherings in the United States. The gathering is held every year to create the opportunity for the community to celebrate life, serve the Earth and learn new skills. Bring your kids! This year the gathering is hosting a youth program that emphasizes on wild foods.

Permaculture Gathering 2015. Photo from SE Permaculture Gathering

Permaculture Gathering 2015. Photo from SE Permaculture Gathering

The Permaculture Gathering organizes its workshops into Affinity Circles.  Affinity Circle topics are proposed during the Open Space Planning on Friday morning.  The person who proposes these topics can be an expert on subjects or a novice seeking help.  Also these circles can be organized to facilitate collaboration or accomplishing a hands-on project at the gathering.

Past workshop topics include:

  • food forests
  • solar power
  • humanure
  • biofuels
  • fermentaiton
  • bee stewardship
  • garden as a sacred space
  • making compost tea

Online registration ends on August 3rd so be sure to sign up before then! Register here. The price of the gathering includes camping on-site in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains. Three vegetarian meals will be provided each day; however, if you have any special dietary needs, be sure to come prepared. If interested there are work trade and scholarship opportunities to reduce the cost of admission to the gathering.

“As we continue toward renewal of our planet and the growth of the activist community, this year’s Gathering celebrates the coming together of seasoned and newer practitioners of the sustainable arts and design.” 

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