About us

Our mission has evolved in recent years. It’s currently about anchoring the divine feminine on the planet through the earthy & erotic arts. While this is true, we also value our original purpose of: Providing regenerative, community-based, on-the-ground programs, projects & people that foster a vibrant, just & resilient world. Our goal is to accelerate the design & implementation of local, nature-based, regenerative systems & thriving community-inspired culture. Read more about us. Our programs support people who want to work on behalf of the earth to become Earth Champions. Learn more about our programs.

Volunteer roles

Ashevillage Sanctuary provides volunteer opportunities to people with varied skills & interests. Most volunteers help out for a few hours to a couple days. If you are interested in volunteering, please follow the steps in the ‘Apply’ section below. If you are interested in working with us more extensively, please visit our residential internship & general internship pages. All positions are unpaid.

  • Gardening: Assist with the site & gardens. Some experience & physical capability are necessary.
  • Building: Help with small to large projects. Carpentry, fix-it, &/or painting experience is helpful.
  • Herbs & food: Process, ferment, preserve, cook food, make herbal medicine. Experience helps.
  • Well-being: Nourish our team with bodywork, living foods, juices, herbal remedies & elixirs.
  • Cleaning: Assist with general cleaning & organizing tasks throughout the houses & site.
  • Assistance: Help our managers with their personal tasks, errands & one-off projects.
  • Social Media: Assist with online outreach & social media. A computer is needed.
  • Office: Help us out with administrative tasks. Organizational skills are great.
  • Photography: Capture high quality images. Please submit samples.

Why volunteer?

• Connect with our team
• Gain hands-on experience
• Help create something special
• Engage in things you love doing
• Get a taste of life at the Sanctuary

• You enjoy being in service
• You easily work with others
• You have an enthusiastic attitude
• You are willing to follow instructions
• You align with our mission, vision & goals


Two step application:

  1. Fill out & submit the survey below.
  2. Email us a quick note at info@ashevillage.org. In the subject line, write: “Your Name: Volunteer.”