“This homestead deeply inspires students to dream about what is possible. By living here, I’ve learned ethical and sustainable living is feasible in beautifully simple ways.” ~ JJ Bloomfield, 2015 Apprentice

Date: August 24 – September 1
Location: Wild Abundance, Barnardsville, NC & Ruby Roost, Madison County, NC.
Fee: $750 – $1,000

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About Tiny House & Natural Building Workshop

This nine-day Natural-Building Workshop and Tiny House Class and near Asheville, NC, is a crash-course for people wanting to build beautiful tiny homes and natural buildings from ethically harvested, local materials. We will engage in a healthy balance of theory, application and exploration. Students will learn the basic principles of natural building through lectures and engaging class discussions that cover topics from the foundations of construction to natural and sustainable designs.  Students will leave the class equipped to embark on the adventure of building their own tiny houses or natural buildings.

What to Expect

Learn about how buildings stand up (foundations, loads and bracing), floor systems, walls, roof systems, how to choose a building site, passive solar design, working with clay, tiny home plans, and regenerative timber harvesting.  We will discuss material sourcing and introduce plumbing and electrical for tiny homes specifically and how to sustainably harvest timber.

Once groundwork is laid, students will learn how to build tiny homes and natural buildings from the ground up.  Using hands-on building techniques, students will have an opportunity to practice, including light slip-straw construction, cob construction, earthen paint, earthen plaster, door and window installation and working with wood…including conventional framing, timber framing and trim carpentry. In the end, we’ll experiment with designing our own tiny-house floor plans where you will have the opportunity to receive feedback directly from instructors and fellow students.

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