We’re excited to offer this popular workshop ONLINE in 2017!

Check out the details from our 2016 workshop below:
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Join New York Time’s best selling author Sandor Katz and five of Asheville’s top wild food experts for this week-long immersive workshop. You’ll learn hands-on, age-old, health-enhancing techniques for increasing the nutritive and healing properties of your food through fermentation. Gain take-home skills in safe foraging and preparation of wild plants, weeds, medicines, and mushrooms!



Wild Edible Field Trips & Food Projects

Ancient Roots, Ancient Foods: Preparing medicine & digestive bitters with nourishing roots – with Janet Kent

The Cleansing Power of Wild Salads & Pesto: Foraging for detoxifying wild greens & edible flowers – with Natalie Bogwalker

Wild Tea Party: Infusing and imbibing herbs for relaxation, energy, balance, tummy taming & immunity – with Luke Cannon

Mushrooms As Medicine: Befriending the fungal kingdom, learning their uses & making medicinal concoctions – with Cailen Campbell



Hands-On Fermented Food Projects

Fermented Vegetables: Kraut, kimchi & beet kvass

Fermented Grains: Flat bread, sourdough, idli & dosa

Fermented Dairy: Kefir, simple farm cheese & yogurt

Fermented Alcohol: Mead, wine, cider, beer & rice beer

Light Fermented Beverages: Kombucha & natural soda


Why Wild Food & Fermentation?

Bread. Cheese. Wine. Beer. Coffee. Chocolate. Most people consume fermented foods and drinks every day. For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the distinctive flavors and nutrition resulting from the transformative power of microscopic bacteria and fungi. The flavors of fermentation are compelling and complex, quite literally alive. This week-long workshop will take you on a whirlwind trip through the wide world of fermentation, providing you with basic and delicious recipes –some familiar, others exotic– that are easy to make at home.



About Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz is a native of New York City, and a graduate of Brown University. In 1993, he moved to Tennessee where he became part of a vibrant extended community. He had AIDS and considers fermented foods to be an important part of his healing. In 2003 he published “Wild Fermentation,” which Newsweek called “the fermenting bible.” Since then, Sandor has taught hundreds of workshops demystifying fermentation and empowering people to reclaim this important transformational process in their kitchens. The New York Times calls him “one of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene.” His latest book, “The Art of Fermentation,” received a James Beard award. Sandor has presented workshops through most of the United States, and across the world in venues that have included universities, farms, farmers’ markets, conferences, and community spaces.

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Arrival & Departure: The program begins Monday, June 27th at 10am and ends on Friday afternoon, July 1st at 4’ish pm with a lunch on the town, including a final sampling of our fermented fare from the week, plus a final wrap-up Q&A.

Daily schedule: 10am-1pm: Fermentation Class at Homewood Castle. The first three mornings will be facilitated by Sandor Katz, the last two will be taught by local fermentation connoisseur, Marissa Percoco. 1-3pm: Lunch break where you can explore Asheville’s vast organic, local, farm-to-table options, or bring a lunch with you. 3-5:30pm: Break into smaller groups for a rotation of field trips in different locations with Asheville’s leading teachers on wild edibles. All topics and techniques that you will be learning throughout the week are listed above.

*On Monday June 27th from 7-9pm there will be a public keynote by Sandor Katz.
**The final afternoon will be a fermentation tasting and review rather than a field excursion.


Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We do expect to fill, so the sooner you register, the more you save, and the more certain you will be to have a seat in the workshop. Check out the current early bird, & local discounts below.

Tuition: $999

Locals Discount: If you are local (have lived in Buncombe or a neighboring county for more than six months) email info@ashevillage.org for information.

Please note: Your fee includes tuition, field trips, and all materials. Transportation, meals, and lodging are not included. For lodging options, see below. If you are seeking financial assistance for your attendance, please visit our Participant Fundraising resource page for tips, or email info@ashevillage.org about work-trade opportunities.

Registration & Payment

Registration is first come, first served. Your place in the program will not be reserved until payment is complete.

Pay by check. Write your check for the full amount to “Ashevillage Sanctuary LLC.” Include your name, email, phone number, and memo “WFF” with your payment. Send to: Ashevillage Sanctuary, Attn: WFF, 80 Buchanan Ave, Asheville, NC 28801.

All payments are non-refundable. All deposits, payments, and payment installments are 100% non-refundable. If you must cancel, you may offer your seat to someone of your choosing as long as you inform us with their name and contact info in advance. If Ashevillage cancels your program for any reason whatsoever, 100% of your fee will be returned to you.


For lodging in Asheville contact sanctuary@ashevillage.org

We’re excited to offer this popular workshop ONLINE in 2017!