Worktrade at Ashevillage Sanctuary

Ashevillage Sanctuary is a dilapidated junkyard & crack house turned Goddess Sanctuary & Eco-Urban Homestead. We are dedicated to anchoring the wild & divine feminine on the planet & creating the world we want by putting our beliefs into practice in our own backyard. We are on 1.3 acres with 4 connected properties that include residential homes, community event space, a practitioner room for the healing arts & an integrated ecological landscape with organic edible & pollinator gardens, water retention systems, natural buildings & more. We border 60 acres of woodland trails & are a few blocks to downtown Asheville, NC. This is a great place to worktrade while living in Asheville!

Worktrade options

If you are interested in worktrading with us in exchange for camping, see the bullet list of positions below. The exchange is based on 15 hours per week & can be scheduled according to what works for you, ie: 2 hours per day, or 2 days a week. We request that you reserve Mondays for our main ‘crew’ day, and that you generally aim to do your hours within Mon-Fri, keeping weekends for personal time. Necessary tasks, such as watering seedlings, or closing the hoop house door are expected on all days & can be shared/rotated. A 6-month commitment is required; longer is optional if we’re a mutual fit. You will have 2 weeks off during your 6 month period.

  • Builder: Build small to medium projects; from shelves to decks to trim; tools are a must.
  • Site Assistant: Help maintain our trails, landscape, material flow, and a clean & kept site.
  • Maintenance: Help with tasks such as painting, fix-it & other projects. Experience needed.
  • Personal Assistance: Assist managers with errands & tasks. Organizational savvy a must.
  • Cleaning: Assist with house organizing, cleaning, laundry & more. Eye for detail is helpful.
  • Garden Assistant: Water the gardens & help with tasks, such as weeding, harvesting, etc.
  • Bodyworker: Provide 4 bodywork sessions per week for worktraders, managers & friends.

Other: If you  live in Asheville & would like to get involved, but not live here, we have part-time internships available.

“I love what you’re doing here. It is the future, if we are to have a future, this is what the it must look like.  And you do it with such love & devotion & grace & humor. You’re just great!  Thank you.” ~ Bonnie

Worktrade exchange

We provide

• Inspiring women-led eco-urban homestead & goddess sanctuary
• Seasonal organic herbs, greens & other goodies from our garden
• A beautiful outdoor tenting area surrounded by gardens & woods
• A naturally-treated hot tub, wifi, washer, dryer, shower, parking
• A place to set up tent, a rustic kitchen & space for food storage
• Option to participate in community events on varied topics
• A supportive, caring community of awesome women!

You provide

• Positive attitude, timeliness, self-initiative & good communication
• An established practice in cleanliness; messiness is a deal breaker
• Mindfulness in sharing space with others; sharing basic chores
• Your own camping gear, bedding, plate, bowl, cup & utensils
• Depending on your role, you may need to bring some tools
• A commitment of 6 months minimum; more is welcome

“Being at the Ashevillage Sanctuary planted within me the seeds I needed to become a proactive citizen of the world & a mindful friend to the earth.” ~ Gracie

Worktrade requirements

To apply, please read these points & if it’s still a good fit, follow the steps in the ‘Apply’ section below.

Purpose: You have read & are aligned with our purpose.
Home: You believe you will meld well with our beautiful home-sweet-home Sanctuary.
Cleanliness: Please only apply if you are accustom to keeping clean & tidy space. We don’t have room for messy folks!
Ease: We are looking for worktraders who are positive, good communicators, hard workers & bring the skills we need vs. a bunch of baggage (metaphorically or literally).
Pets: We are currently at ‘pet capacity’ & cannot accept new worktraders who bring pets.
Schedule: Besides Mondays, which is our main ‘crew’ day, your worktrade hours can be scheduled around your own needs. Please track your own hours & keep us updated if you plan to be gone for a stretch of time. Please let us know when you would like to take your time off.
Availability: Your schedule must allow for you to fulfill your worktrade hours for the months that you are with us. It is very helpful for us (& we hope for you) not to waste time making an arrangement if you are not certain that you can follow through. If you will be looking for (or would even considering accepting) a full-time job, we respectfully ask that you not apply, as we have found that this prevents people from fulfilling their worktrade in an easeful way.
Cash deposit: To secure your position & camping spot, we require a $300 cash deposit. The $300 will be returned to you in full upon completion of your worktrade commitment. If, for any reason, you do not complete your hours, the $300 will not be returned. It will instead go toward our time in replacing & training someone to take your place. Because our management time & camping spots are limited & because we are a small-scale, intimate operation, we take care to create a mutually reciprocal & cohesive scene. We ask potential worktraders to carefully consider if you are in a position to commit to living & working with us for a minimum of 6 months. We thank you in advance!

“I wanted to thank you for opening your home & sanctuary to me. It was a pleasure to meet you & everyone else who is part of the community. You are an amazing & inspiring group! I am grateful for the time I was able to spend in your company. Best wishes!” ~ Jayce Brie

Worktrade application

When you fill out this form, it will not save on your end, so you will want to complete it in one fell swoop, or you might lose it partway through.