Follow your passion. Deepen your knowledge. Transform yourself. Much of what we offer at Ashevillage is focused on care for the environment, landscape, and ecosystems ~ our outer worlds ~ but the inner landscape of the mind-body-spirit is equally important for planetary well-being. The practice of yoga, including breath work, meditation, and physical asanas, is a path to wellness for many. We are happy to share the offerings of our friends at Asheville Yoga Center, one of the most popular yoga teacher certification programs in the southeast.

Asheville Yoga Center’s foundational Yoga teacher certification programs are designed to enhance your personal knowledge of Yoga and provide you with the confidence and skills necessary to safely teach Yoga. The 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs are registered with Yoga Alliance and meet (and exceed!) Yoga Alliance’s minimum standards for a 200 Hour and 300 Hour yoga teacher certification programs.


Click here to find out about the 200 hour Teacher Training Advanced Course

Click here to find out about the 300 hour Teacher Training Advanced Course

Ashevillage’s upcoming workshops in 2016 & 2017

• [3.5-Day] Wise Water Stewardship – Permaculture Workshop: July 25-28
• [3.5-Day] Food Forest Management – Permaculture Workshop: August 1-4
• [3.5-Day] Renewable Energy & Tech – Permaculture Workshop: Aug 15-18
• [3.5-Day] Eco & Natural Building – Permaculture Workshop: August 22-25
• [2-Week] [Certified] Permaculture Design Course – Coming for 2017
• [12-Month] Permaculture School with Residency – Coming for 2017
• [5-Day] Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop – Coming for 2017

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